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An elevated experience can be ours any day

Mountaintop Experience
Matthew 5: l-2 says: “Seeing the crowds, He went up on the mountain, and
when He sat down His disciples came to Him. And He opened His mouth and
taught them."

Daily Express: In life there is a valley experience, and mountaintop experience,
much of that level of experience, depends on our current attitude. When we are
on the mountain we see clearly over vast distances of life.
An elevated experience can be ours any day.

We know that in prayer we have to go up on the mountain. We have to go
above the negative crowd inside of our minds—all the little voices that
are telling us negative things. Most of the voices are telling us things
about how bad we are, and life is, in the given moment. We must rise
above that thought and climb up on the mountain to the spiritual place
inside of us.

Everyone reading Positive Daily Inspiration, no matter what their religion, has a
mountain of spirituality inside of her, or him. We can climb up on that
mountain any time we desire and leave the chattering crowd below--the
chattering voices inside of us and outside of us. We can see them, like
we do when you look out of the window of an airplane. They will have no
power over us, from this elevated state of consciousness. We will look
down from the window of our minds and think, "My, aren't they little."
In time, we will say, "I can't believe I gave them so much power." What a joyous
time that will be.

Jesus says: "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of

What is He saying? It's talking about being poor in spirit. There are many
spirits/thoughts inside of you. Here is what I mean by that.

There is a lower human spirit that listens into all the little chattering
voices. There is a lower human spirit that is so fatigued that it will hardly be
able to get up tomorrow morning. It is so mad at everything that is
happening in life that it is ready to quit its job, ready to tell off its
spouse, ready to end a friendship of years. It is ready, possibly because
of disregard for itself, to do something that is self-destructive. That is
a lower spirit that is self-defeating, wants to knock us back down again.
As the world says, “to shoot oneself in the foot.”

But, we are going to be poor in self, lower, spirit. We are going to empty ourselves of
ourselves so that we can fill our consciousness with an awareness of God.

Have you ever known people that were so full of themselves that they were
their own worst enemy? We are going to rise on that mountain and be high on God,
not in our own selves, in an ego way, but fully in the Spirit of God. We are
going to make our prayer time a concentration of turning away from lower
selves. We are going to turn away from self-defeating human thinking that has got us
in trouble and turn to the Presence of Almighty God with us all the time.

We are also going to turn away from the presence of our lower opinions of other
people. We will see the child of God in others. We will relate to others in a whole
new higher, loving way. There will be a silent building of spiritual power in us.

We will have a renewed energy that comes little by little. We are
going to start to feel better spiritually.

We at Positive Christianity have always been amazed at the power of

When we are saying a prayer for the physical body, often we do not
feel better instantly.

Theologians have thought about this a lot. If you eat, you don't feel like
you could conquer the world instantly. The food has to go into your
system. It has to be fed into your body.

It's the same way with prayer. You will have a strong, silent activity
working in you that will overcome whatever it is you want to overcome. God
will not let you down. When we pray we feel so much better later,
that sometimes we forget about the anxiousness of the earlier prayer.

The apostle Paul wrote, "Examine yourselves to see whether you're holding
to your faith." We are going to examine ourselves; every thought that
comes up in our mind. You know, they bubble up like a clear glass filled
with the effervescent soft drink 7-Up. Those are old, negative thoughts.
Examine those thoughts as they bubble up and make a conscious decision
about them, to be evicted permanently from the apartment house of your mind.

First of all, we ask if the thought is true. Is it really true? Is it up
to the God standard? Is it the way Jesus Christ would think? If not, let
that bubble rise and go up into the atmosphere until it pops, and permanently
dissipates. It's not going to be a part of us any longer. It's not going to poison
us any longer.

You will find within yourself the strongest power for good – the peace of

You find within yourself the greatest source of strength – the life of

You find within yourself the most fulfilling source of joy – the love of

You find within yourself the purest source of abundance – the essence of

You find within yourself the truest source of direction – the light of

You are seeking something spiritual in your life—and you will receive!

Dear God, this is my day to walk tall, with a confident stride, because I know You walk with me.
This is my day to improve and enriched relations with others by expressing the Christ love and understanding.
This is my day to enjoy good health, to be aware of the God given gift that courses throughout my whole being.
This is my day to claim abundance, for I know that God's bounty is sufficient for every need.
This is my day to appreciate and accept opportunities on my doorstep.
My attitude of expectancy attracts my perfect good.
With Your help, I will no longer be plagued by some irritation, or things that do not go according to plan.
I accept today as a God-given gift, a new opportunity to express a mountaintop experience of spirituality.
I go forward in joy and success.
In Jesus Christ's name… Amen

This is my day for happiness and success.

"It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside of the frame." Unknown