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Steps to having that God consciousness inside

The Second Mile
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation.”
2 Corinthians 5:17

Daily Express: To be a whole person spiritually requires living equally in both halves of
life – both giving and receiving. To be well-rounded in all aspects of your life will create
great new joy in you.

There is not one of you reading today’s Positive Daily Inspiration that cannot make
a profound difference in the world if you’re willing. That is the whole
key to everything about spirituality: it’s being willing. And it’s being
willing inside of yourself first to go the extra mile, to rise from human
thinking to Christ thinking.

What do you really get if you’re totally living a spiritual will life?

You get a new perception that is beyond human. You know that when you’re
facing something that you’re not facing it alone. And you know this with
an inner conviction. That is your firm foundation.

When you’re facing something big in your life, you know that you are not
alone. You know that you have the most powerful help in the world. You
have God with you, and God is powerful and bigger than your problem.

But what is the second step?

What is the second step to having that God consciousness inside of
yourself? It is acting on it. It is saying, “Okay, God. Here I am. Use me.
Wherever I go, I’m going to uplift and make a difference.”

You don’t have to give your life to the ministry, or stand up on some
stage. You make a difference when you go to Wal-Mart or even the grocery,
because you’re different. And you say in this moment, “What can I give?”

I want you to make a chart in your life. On one side of the chart, I want
you to put the word “Giving.” On the other side of the chart, I want you
to put the word, “Receiving.” I want you to find out what kind of a person
you are in a given moment.

I believe that you are going to make a profound difference in the people
that you touch in your life.

Do you remember the story of Scrooge? He kept everything and hoarded
everything his whole life. Then he learned, in the last part of his life,
how to give. Do you remember the end of the story how he was dancing and
bouncing around? And he said, “Can this much joy be safe for one

We find that true joy is giving of ourselves. As we give of God, we find
that that wondrous activity comes through us.

Dear God, show me ways that I can give of myself.
I consent to You using me.
Help me to find new joy by bringing a profound difference to the lives of those that I touch.
Thank You God!

God has need of me and my services.

"Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." Anonymous