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T.D. Jakes Quotes
Thomas Dexter "T. D." Jakes Sr. is definitely an American entrepreneur in addition to chief pastor of the The Potter's House, a non-denominational mega church, with 30, 000 people, located in Dallas, Colorado front range.

Jakes is some sort of charismatic speaker in addition to preacher whose sermons tend to be broadcast nationally in addition to internationally over television and satellite television. Jakes is furthermore a prolific author and has written over 25 books, many of which are featured on the New York Times best-selling checklist. Jakes is furthermore a songwriter, some sort of playwright, and performer. He founded a Christian record company (Dexterity Sounds) in addition to a theater and video production company in addition to a theater and video production company.

Quotes From TD Jakes

You face your greatest opposition when your closest to your biggest miracle.

Your latter days are supposed to be greater than your former days.

All over this nation, all over this world there are people going to church today and they say they are believers, but until you can take what you've been taught and bring it to the place you gave up--you will never be the radical believer that you need to be for the times in which we live.

All of us have not been to a natural prison, but everybody in here has had a spiritual prison.

If your in anything and never wanted to quit it--your not in much.

It is God's objective to make your condition line up with your position.

Quote by T.D. Jakes

You are no stronger than your belief system.

Isn't it funny how something that will later be a blessing can be a curse if you get it too soon.

You don't have to sin to be carnal. People who are carnal just means they make all their decisions based on their senses.

It is possible for you to get a grip on the thing that used to have a grip on you. And instead of it controlling you--you are now controlling it.

Anything that does not affect your destiny is up to you.

It does matter where you go to church, it does matter where you worship, it does matter where you lift your head, it does matter where you cry out to God. There is something about the atmosphere. I might be lame, but put me in the atmosphere. I may be drunk, but put me in the atmosphere. I may be weak, but put me in the atmosphere.
There is a higher power, a higher influence, a God who rules and reigns and controls circumstances and situations that are beyond your area and realm of authority.

Baptism was to put a line of demarcation between your past sins when you are buried with Him by Baptism--you are burying your past sins--eradicating them--putting a line in the sand saying that old man is dead and he is no longer alive any more and I rise up to walk in the newness of life.

Come hell or high water you will never take me back to the place I was before. I have been through too much to let life whoop me again. My faith is stronger than it's ever been, my mind is more tenacious than it's ever been, my soul is more absolute.

Even when things are getting worse instead of better--I believe God!

Faith becomes a bridge between where I am and where I want to go--it is a substance.

Faith will get in the ditch with you, faith will go in the prison with you, faith will go into divorce court with you, faith will go in the hospital with you, faith will go in the nursing home with you.
I'm not walking by sight--I'm walking by faith.

Faith must always pass the test of discouragement.

Faith becomes the foundation I'm built on.

Jesus did not teach people to have faith--he said have faith in God.

The challenge of the believer is to take the faith that you got in here and take it to the place out there.

Whenever you face obstacles, crises and dilemmas and your confidence is in your associates more than in God--it is a sign your faith is deteriorating.