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Unity Power of Protection Prayer

The Prayer for Protection was written by James Dillet Freeman, the “poet laureate” of the Unity movement and director of Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of the Unity movement, for many years. 

Originally, he wrote it in response to many requests for a prayer for protection for members of the armed forces during World War II. Since then, it has become a popular prayer used in most Unity churches and by many individuals who may never have even heard of the Unity movement.

The Prayer for Protection is one of only two poems that were taken to the moon and left there by two different astronauts; the other poem is also one by James Dillet Freeman, titled “I Am There.” 

The Prayer for Protection can be used for yourself or for others; saying it for others you simply say it with the pronoun “you” instead of “me.” Very often, in Unity churches especially, people will add at the end of the prayer the words “And all is well!” You can use this simple but powerful prayer for yourself and others every day. 

The Prayer for Protection

The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is! And all is well!